Two Worlds is an innovation consultancy, working principally in collaborative software, analytics (big data), device convergence (IoT) and adaptive systems (AI & A-Life). Current working sectors include organisational consultancy, Broadcast television and IP content, mobile services and health care.

It is owned by myself as its principal, Richard Harris and works – individually and through my network of collaborators – in both technology innovation and helping enterprises create their own cultures of innovation, enabling them to both anticipate and respond to disruptive change in an industry.

I have something more than quarter of a century of experience in R&D, consultancy and strategy, specialising particularly in disruptive products and services: the ideas that can create new markets running hand-in-hand with business models that have the potential to change the fundamental assumptions of a sector.

I am co-founder of the Do Lab incubator and, as a consultant, I work through Two Worlds to help organisations of all types and sizes develop new ideas and new ways of thinking.