About Two Worlds


Two Worlds was founded in 1999 as a research consultancy and innovation incubator.

We specialise in developing technologies and solutions to support organisational and technological innovation in complex, dynamic environments. Our particular vision is of a world where all data can be dynamically connected, contextualised, made relevant to your needs at any time and place and presented to you accordingly. The world is some way off that yet, but our pioneering work in adaptive data intelligence, data discovery and augmented and virtual reality may hopefully bring it a little closer.


Two Worlds is based in Scotland and Germany, with work carried in places as diverse as  Russia  Rwanda, DR Congo & Uganda  the USA, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Germany and much of the rest of Europe.


As well as developing core technologies and products, Two Worlds supports innovation in both start-ups and established enterprises, where clients and partners have included: Scottish Natural Heritage, Innovate UK, SBRI, Playing Forward LLC (US), Bioss International, DTG, the BBC, Cascade, International Futures Forum, SAS Institut, Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund Europe, EU Framework R&D (now Horizon 2020), Ed Victor Ltd, Comic Relief and the Royal Opera House.


We’ve also spun off a number of successful start-ups, most recently, Intelligent Reality, which builds on our success in developing adaptive analytics, forecasting and data visualisation for Covid-19 and Environmental Impact.

Before that, we created SlipStream, a media metadata integrator (which won the BBC Innovation Labs and which became part of iPlayer), The Do Lab, itself an incubator in connected metadata services, Connect TV, offering the world’s first seamless integration of broadcast and IPTV through a standard set-top box (now part of Arqiva), and udu, a next-generation data intelligence platform that uses a biomimetic approach to self-organise to solve data-centric problems. udu is at the heart of our data discovery approach.

We also founded and led the development of Balquhidder Community Broadband, a a community fibre broadband project which has now brought world-class FTTH fibre broadband to the entire local community.

Two Worlds is an AI research consultancy and incubator, specialising in complex, adaptive systems. We create strategies, technologies and services that encompass advanced data discovery and fusion AI/Machine Learning, IoT networks, augmented and mixed reality systems.