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Well, it’s here: after far too long an embarrassing silence, I’ve finally taken the Two Worlds web site into the technology and presentation that matches my thinking and working practice – while I can argue that I’ve been too busy with vision, engagement and strategy for clients to have time to address my own, that would be but a small part of the truth. Finally though, pragma and need have coincided, so here is the first public iteration of the Two Worlds site. It’s new, it’s but as yet sparsely populated, so please do come back regularly as I develop the social, commercial and technological thought themes behind my business, add current and historical information around the Ubiquity model of the enabled society and then leaven the whole with a little humour, technocracy and random digression. Alternatively, subscribe to any of the site’s XML feeds (see pretty buttons to the right) to be kept informed of changes and updates.

Geeknote: The site is developed and hosted using the vServer engine we’ve developed from the integration of a wide range of standard and standards-compliant components. In this particular instantiation, the entire site, including its navigation and structure, is dynamically created and updated from the core database, which allows us to change the structure on the fly and to contribute updates howsoever we like: by blogging client, e-mail, text message (SMS) and voice message, all dependent on what means of access is appropriate at any given time and from any place. Check out the demonstration area of the vServer for examples of this.

Codicil: I’m still aware of a number of outstanding wrinkles with a Microsoft browsers. But what do you expect?


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