Bridging the Divide: Connected Communities and the Enabled Society

I’ve been invited to give the fourth in the Urban Learning Space‘s Learning Seminars series, on the seamless integration (or lack thereof) between our physical existence and our increasingly important virtual identities:

The When: Thursday 26th January 2006
11.30am – 2.00pm (includes lunch)

The Where: The Lighthouse, Mitchell Lane, Glasgow, G1 3NU
Gallery, Level 5.

Contact: Alison, or on 0141 225 0107.

As we individually and collectively communicate and interact, moving between our physical and virtual worlds, we need to refine and integrate our knowledge of both into our lives, to create and maintain who we are, beyond just our physical selves and our immediate communities. So how do we bridge the divide between the two, and what tools are around to help us do this? Who are we and how do we prove who we are, beyond our physical presence? How do we connect with virtual communities and knowledge networks and how do we ensure that these are integrated into our physical lives, and vice versa?

In the seminar, I’ll be looking at:

Community and Ubiquity: What is needed to bridge the gap between our physical and virtual existences?
Identity and eDentity: How do we prove who we are? Who owns who we are?
Trust and Enlightenment: What is the process for establishing trust around our contributions to knowledge communities?
Knowledge Ecologies: How do we create that vital feedback cycle of contributed knowledge in connected communities?
Techology as Furniture: How do we integrate our physical and virtual knowledge spaces, and why doesn’t it work?

If you’d like further information on the topic, or would like a copy of the materials from the seminar, please
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– I’ll also post them on the site for download.


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