About Two Worlds (the 2018 Mix)

Two Worlds is an innovation and mentoring consultancy, supporting both start-ups and innovation in established enterprises. Its focus is on the creation of Intelligent Realities: the responsive and adaptive integration of our physical and virtual worlds with human intent and behaviour, through the use of Augmented and Mixed Reality, Artificial Intelligence and advanced data discovery, analytics and fusion.

Two Worlds’ principal is Richard Harris. Richard uses his thirty-five years of experience at the pointy end of the technology industry to help the companies he works with to articulate their need and then create appropriate strategic and developmental roadmaps and partnerships, identify markets and opportunities and collaborate to design product and experiences that are fit for market at each step on the journey.

Richard has worked in enterprise software, organisational culture, games, media, television, analytics, AI and Augmented and Virtual Reality. He works with a worldwide network of collaborators to build project teams that are specific to and appropriate for each stage of a project. Two Worlds best work is done in areas that transform or extend an enterprise’s reach and capability rather than those that focus on incremental change within an existing process.

If that potentially fits your needs and you’d like to talk, please email, tweet or Skype (technomagus). 

I’m Richard Harris, tech entrepreneur, technology, strategy & organisational consultant, writer and photographer. This is the site for my AR/AI-focussed consultancy and mentoring work.