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This is the blog I never intended to write. Most of my consultancy career has been in the areas of innovation and the organisational changes and governance needed to adapt to new ways and models. I also help invent the technologies and strategies that engender change in the first place – the last of those being the focus of my various start-ups over the years. In all cases though, a fundamental principle is about ideas and principles, supported, tested and refined through evidence – those damned pernicious things called facts. And ideas require the stimulation of freedom: freedom of movement, of association, of travel, work and resources. Everything, in fact, that Brexit would destroy. So I make no apologies for getting involved and analytic over this particular existential farce, and doing everything that I can to ensure that it gets consigned to whatever circle of hell is reserved for xenophobes, bigots and deluded ideologues.

Deflecting Blame: Britain, Bureaucracy & the EU

So much of the agitation for a Leave vote in June seems to be in the fond (as in, “absurd, foolish“) belief by some that a Brexit would return us to a mythic age of independence and freedom from bureaucracy. Well, here’s some news for them: they simply don’t understand either the modern world or the very British ability to bureaucratise a good idea into something completely untenable and then blame it on someone else. Here, the EU is an appartchik’s godsend: the ability to create pointless process that does nothing but perpetuate the salaries of those involved and then be able to duck responsibility by saying, “It’s the EU’s fault“. No, in this case it isn’t and we really need to remind ourselves that there’s a tolerable correlation between those parts of the world known for overweening bureaucracy and those bits of it that used to be coloured pink. Continue reading Deflecting Blame: Britain, Bureaucracy & the EU