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This is the blog I never intended to write. Most of my consultancy career has been in the areas of innovation and the organisational changes and governance needed to adapt to new ways and models. I also help invent the technologies and strategies that engender change in the first place – the last of those being the focus of my various start-ups over the years. In all cases though, a fundamental principle is about ideas and principles, supported, tested and refined through evidence – those damned pernicious things called facts. And ideas require the stimulation of freedom: freedom of movement, of association, of travel, work and resources. Everything, in fact, that Brexit would destroy. So I make no apologies for getting involved and analytic over this particular existential farce, and doing everything that I can to ensure that it gets consigned to whatever circle of hell is reserved for xenophobes, bigots and deluded ideologues.

Democratic Clarity

For nearly three years now, I’ve been trying to engage some of my fellow Britons in meaningful debate, initially about why they’d plan to vote to leave the EU and then about why they voted to leave.

It’s been very depressing – all I’ve found is delusion, denial and the repetition of Daily Mail level mantras such as, “Were taking back control” (they tend not to do apostrophes) or, “We need to get out from under the unelected EU superstate/dictatorship“. Which is a bit rich coming from citizens of a country that, for nearly half a century, has been one of the key players in formulating the structures, processes and decisions of the EEC, the EC and now the EU. Continue reading Democratic Clarity